Work From Home: Tips from the Codaisseur Community

We have been adapting to a new way of working and learning for almost a year. Here are some tips from our team and students to stay inspired and balanced from home!

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By Hannah Park
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For almost a year now, we’ve transitioned our on-site academy to hybrid learning and then fully remote. We are proud to continue educating and preparing students in the tech field and we’re looking forward to the time we can invite students back on campus. We miss the excitement of being on-site with all our students and the lively environment this created at the academy!

As we continue to operate primarily from home, we’re always looking for tips and tricks to make working and learning from home more effective, inspiring and balanced. We compiled the advice from our community: the Codaisseur team and our recent alumni who have completed the coding academy from home. It’s so wonderful to see their growth mindsets and focus on healthy habits. We want to share their tips with you in hopes that they can help you too!

This is how our students and team members have adapted to life from home:

Planning is key!

Planning is the most important thing to stay effective. I used to get up early in the morning, finish my house chores and cook for the whole day. So that I can dedicate the rest of the day towards my work.
My daily planner! It’s so easy to get lost when you’re working on things (especially the little tasks), I usually rely on my planner and stick to it.
For me it's not only about planning but also figuring out when to plan what. I know I'm most productive in producing things in the morning, hence I try to work on projects at that time.

Having the right equipment and schedule

Noise cancelling headphones, 24 inch monitor, breaks every hour to stand up, walk and stretch, 8 hours of sleep per night and no screen time after 22:00.
I tried to incorporate a routine, take a walk, lunch, 4pm cup'a'soup, that sort of stuff.
My headphones (with music and noise canceling) work well to focus, working from home on something really fun and something I really want to know/able to do by myself helps to motivate me.
Force yourself to stick to a routine. That means stepping away from your computer for breakfast/lunch etc.
Your brain consumes 20% of your body's energy. So sleeping, eating and drinking well and doing some activities are essential to keep fresh.

Separating work and relax areas at home

It is a simple rule from "tips for getting productive from home": I made my own room (a study) where I work and relax at other places in my flat. That helps me to separate work and rest places at home. All I can recommend!
I purely work/study at my desk. Never on the couch, bed, dining table. Whenever I take a break, I move to another area. Since I use this method I’m much less likely to do irrelevant things when working. Also you don't tend to work when you should take a break. Clears the head. Separation of concerns, basically what it is ;)
Remember to take regular breaks. If possible, have a designated place to work so your home doesn't feel like an office.
I would make a habit of sitting outside for a half hour during lunch. The change in environment helped keep work/rest separate and allowed me to be effective during the rest of the day.
It's a marathon not a sprint. Dividing your work space and living space along with taking regular breaks will help a lot to keep you from feeling trapped and allow you to be more effective.

Staying active!

Doing varied physical activities.
Getting dressed and going for a walk before the start of the day, and then another walk at the end of the day. It helps me switch context like I'm going to and from the office (especially if I can maybe have a chat with someone new during the walk).
I used to exercise at-least 5 days a week intensively, now with a lot of facilities closed it got difficult. Instead I picked up a new sport and built an indoor gym, now it’s easy to do my 5 a week.
Do 30 minutes of yoga as a break or after work, eat healthy and seasonal fruits.
Take short breaks, go for a walk or meditate.
Stand up and go outside frequently.

Last but not least! Being social

Having a quick chat with your colleagues/classmates helps to remind you that you are not working "alone."
Study with more people (remote), have a place where you can chat or video call with more people, gives you the feeling you’re not alone.


We hope you'll take away some new ideas on how to learn and work from home in a healthy and effective way! It's important to know you're not alone and the time you spend on your education or work now will pay off.

Hang in there everyone, we’re in this together. <3

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