Why the market needs more junior developers

Every company that is looking to grow needs web developers. Junior web developers can bring a mindset that helps shape the business.

2 years ago   •   2 min read

By Maria Taxiarchi
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As companies adapt to a digital landscape and new consumer demands, the need for developers will continue to rise. When building your development team, it is important to look at the overall value different developers can bring, particularly junior developers.

All current junior developers are entering the IT industry at an undoubtedly tough period. Being one year into the pandemic, the digital transformation of many companies was fast yet challenging for the junior software developers. A large proportion of businesses froze their hiring processes and were more reluctant than ever to invest in new talent.

At first, the onboarding processes needed to adjust to an online setting and companies weren't sure that they could provide an optimal experience and training for potential employees. Now as companies have tried and found new methods of working remotely, the focus is back on growth. Investing in upcoming professionals is always important (and smart!) and here's why:

Junior developers are an extremely diverse talent pool, consisting of people who have a solid knowledge of the up-to-date stack along with all the current market trends. These upcoming professionals are perfectly aligned with market needs and, thus, they can be a valuable asset to any company. Senior developers may sometimes be far too used to a line of work and rhythm while feeling comfortable with their roles and responsibilities in the company as they are well established and defined.

New perspectives to solve problems

On the other hand, juniors bring a fresh look into things while their eagerness, passion and motivation make them ready to roll up their sleeves and (re)shape projects and activities. They have zero reluctance to dive into the deep end as they are thirsty to apply their knowledge for contributing to companies' milestones. That is why you will see a lot of rising developers to participate in hackathons, marathons and any other tech event around the industry.

Digital natives understand technology

As genuine millennials, technology is an integral part of their upbringing and they are perfectly aligned with new stack and frameworks. In that sense, they are constantly on the lookout for ways to speed up processes and they can critically address and compare all different types of new technologies. Their inner curiosity, young mindset and high brand awareness can bring a fresh perspective and modernize companies that have been stuck during the pandemic or even slower when it comes to keeping up with the new digital era.

An investment in your business’ future

For sure, junior developers come with risks and time needs to be devoted to them properly trained. But any company which aims to conquer the market and has great aspirations for a long-term journey should take risks and experiment. That’s why at Codaisseur, we help train passionate people into becoming junior web developers and prepare them with career building skills. And most importantly, the new talent pool of highly skilled professionals come to shape the market and the development of the future.

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