Why a musician joined our Coding Academy and became our very own developer

Codaisseur crew members make career switches into web development too!

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By Lisa Scorzon
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How do we know our Academy trains the best new developers? Our employees train in the Academy too!

The graduates of our Full-Stack Web Development Academy go on to work at great companies, including our own. Steven de Lange began working at Codaisseur as IT Support and then enrolled in our Academy to achieve his goal of becoming a developer.

Trading his bass guitar for a laptop, Steven now works at Codaisseur as a developer. We're thrilled to have him on board in his new role and share his story.

Please share about your education and work background.

I was formally educated as a musician. I’ve done different jobs from working as a musician to running a pet store to being a video editor for Vice. I finally settled in IT and I wanted to pursue a career in web development. I started working at Codaisseur in IT support with the plan to complete the Full-Stack Web Development Academy. I was in charge of hardware and software with added administration tasks. I completed the Academy in May 2022 and after I graduated, I switched roles to be a developer for Codaisseur.

What was your motivation to learn how to code?

Coding has been an interest of mine since I was 12. I created my first website using Notepad. It was just one of those things on my bucket list. I knew I wanted to learn it properly and start a career as a developer. I had the opportunity to change career paths again and that was the point I decided to learn how to code.

What inspired your decision to choose Codaisseur?

I was looking for a coding bootcamp and Codaisseur stood out to me because of its community. I knew that if I was learning how to code, it was important to be in a supportive environment. My favorite part about the experience was working with the other students in my class. I made new friends in the Academy and we were able to discuss the material together. The teachers and staff (my colleagues) are all very helpful and as a student of the Academy, I felt very well supported during the course.

What are some key learnings from the academy that you’ll bring into your career (besides coding ;) )

I enjoyed the challenges of learning how to code. It requires a logic-based, and very structured, way of thinking and this is something that keeps me interested in coding. I learned to manage my time well and make sure to take breaks. It’s easy to get so focused on coding but I found a good balance during the Academy that I will bring into my career.

I’m very happy that I made the decision to switch careers and become a developer and I realize I’m very lucky to work at the same place where I studied. I would highly recommend this Bootcamp to anyone. I’m even more proud of the work we do at Codaisseur after being a student in the Academy.

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