Where to get guidance for your career switch in tech

Starting a career in tech can be a very fulfilling path but it can be difficult to know where to begin. The education and career advisors at our coding academy can help guide you to success.

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By Hannah Park
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It's great to prepare for your future and make progress on your career development. Changing careers or starting your career for the first time may even be one of your plans this year.

But with a pandemic and the uncertainty in the job market, you may have more doubts when it comes to making a big decision. On top of that, while we are social-distancing and therefore having less opportunities to engage with each other personally, we understand that it’s more difficult to seek guidance in this process.

That’s why we want to offer our digital community to answer your questions and help guide you to success!

Whether you are considering a career change in tech or simply interested in learning more about the possibilities with coding, you can speak directly with our education and career advisors in a casual, online setting. They are the experts on our coding curriculum and your career development following the Codaisseur  academy. It’s also a nice way to meet peers who are in a similar situation.

Just bring any questions you may have and sign up for the free online event in advance. To get started, here are some examples of questions:

Admissions process

What is the admissions process like? What are the requirements to enroll in the Full-Stack web development course?

Software Developer Salaries

What are the job prospects? How much does a junior software developer make?

Academy Curriculum

What does the Codaisseur curriculum look like? Is this the right web development course for me?

Latest job stats

Will I get a job after I graduate? How does Codaisseur help me to get hired?

Hiring companies

Which companies could I work for? Which companies hired alumni from Codaisseur?

Tips & Tricks

How can I start learning to code without a technical background? How do I prepare for a new career in programming?

What you can do now

In the meantime you can also read our Guide to Becoming a Codaisseur to learn more about the admission and career development process of our Full-Stack web development academy.

Join us for the next Guide to Success event from the comfort of your home and let us know you’re joining here.

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