What are the job placement rates at Codaisseur?

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By Lisa Scorzon
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At Codaisseur, we are open about our challenges and our successes as a tech academy. We're proud that we've helped more than 500 graduates of our Full-Stack Web Development Academy start new jobs in IT. The point we reached this milestone was during the year 2021. It was a great achievement for us as we were just making a comeback from the challenges of the previous year. 2020 was undoubtedly a difficult time for everyone and our organization included. We shared our experiences during the pandemic period in this blog post.

We're passionate about our mission to fill the talent gap that exists in tech and help people start new careers in IT. When the pandemic caused companies to freeze their hiring processes, our recruitment efforts were put at a standstill as well. Our graduates weren't getting hired as quickly as we prepared them for. It was difficult for us because we not only make a promise to our students that they will find a job after graduating from our Academy, but we also see how hard they work to reach this goal.

As the year went on and companies adapted to the new measures, hiring processes were set back in motion and we saw greater success for our students towards the end of the year. Β In 2021, we reached a 100% hiring rate. Finally, it was a redeeming feeling for us.

Despite setbacks, we are proud that we were able to train new developers and give them the foundation to start their careers in IT. We appreciate our students' patience and ability to adapt to situations. We also learned a lot as an Academy and were able to transition our on-site classes to fully remote and now a hybrid teaching format.

We compiled our students' job placement data in this report because we find it important to be transparent about our Academy. Let us know if you have any questions and we'll be happy to answer them!

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