The Top 5 Benefits of Joining the Admissions Training Camp

One week to change your career and change your life.

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By Diana de Block
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At our Academy, we work with industry experts and employers to make sure our curriculum meets the market-demand for web development stacks. Because we align our program closely with the hiring needs of our partner employers, we’re able to train our students in the most up-to-date technologies that they can apply directly in their job following the Academy.

But from the beginning, how do we make sure the student is prepared for such a journey into a new tech career? Well, we have previously required a thorough application for our No Cure - No Pay model, including an interview and technical tests. Then we identified some areas of improvement for our overall admissions process. We listened to the needs of our students and analyzed our method. To make tech education more accessible and better prepare students for success in our 9-week Full-Stack Web Development Academy, we are now launching the Admissions Training Camp as the first week of the Academy.

Similar to the American Football League Training Camp, our web development training camp offers many benefits for the athlete (student) and the coaches (our teachers).

Here are the top 5 benefits of joining the Admissions Training Camp at Codaisseur:

  1. Anyone interested in learning how to code and start a new career in IT can enroll in the Admissions Training Camp (ATC). Instead of going through an intake procedure and having to meet specific requirements, you can apply for the ATC directly. We want to make tech education accessible to everyone so the ATC will open the door for many aspiring tech professionals. For the first week of our Full-Stack Web Development Academy, students will learn the foundations of javascript, HTML and CSS.

  2. Technical tests are no longer required when applying. If the thought of taking a test prior to starting the Academy worries you, the ATC lets you ease your way into the Academy. You have the opportunity to train with us during this week and show us your skills and ability to learn the technical material. After this week, you’ll take a test to determine if you’ll continue in the No Cure - No Pay model. Of course, you still have the option to complete the Academy through the Pay Upfront model.  

  3. You can try out the Academy for one week without any further commitment. Because the Full-Stack Web Development Academy is full-time for 9 weeks, it is not possible to work at the same time. If you’re currently employed and not sure about switching careers, you may not want to quit your job. Instead, you can take a week off from work to join the ATC. The ATC allows you to experience the intensive Academy for one full week. When you know it’s the direction you want to go in your career, you can make a more assured decision to move forward.

  4. You’ll receive a certificate after finishing the Admissions Training Camp. After you complete the ATC, regardless of whether you pass the evaluation or not, you’ll receive your very own certificate. Your hard work won’t go unnoticed!

  5. You’ll find out if the Academy and web development are a good fit for your career needs, if for any reason you’re doubting yourself. The training is intensive and for nine weeks you’ll be fully focused on web development. There are tech assessments throughout the Academy that will further test your knowledge and progress. The ATC is a good indicator of how you’ll perform for the rest of the Academy. The best part is when you graduate from the Full-Stack Web Development Academy, you’ll be prepared to work as a junior web developer immediately. For our No Cure - No Pay model, you’ll also be guaranteed a job within 5 months or else you don’t pay any tuition costs.

To learn more about the Admissions Training Camp, visit our FAQ's or if you're ready to seize this awesome opportunity to build your career in tech, sign up below. Carpe diem!

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