The story of a tech academy’s humble beginnings

Today we celebrate Codaisseur's 6th birthday! It all started when...

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By Wouter de Vos
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It is hard to believe that it was already 6 years ago that I found myself ankle deep in the dirt, looking for a notary's office on a newly built office lot in Alkmaar. I had my fancy clothes on, not the usual developer’s wear, and approached the front door. A woman, also in fancy clothes, greeted me. By her smile, she had a friendly way of making me feel welcome.

She put me in a big room with a huge table that filled almost the entire room. It smelled like new leather from the chairs, and paint. Everything was new and white: chairs, table, walls, even the fake flowers were white. I started to think about how the interior of the future academy building would look as I waited.

The canteen of the new Codaisseur office.

Between the sips of coffee and hearing snippets of the secretary’s phone call from another room, I had the chance to think about what the Academy would grow into. I knew I wanted to teach students how to code and help businesses attain the right talent. What other courses could be taught? The wait brought on some nerves but it was the thought of the opportunities with Codaisseur that grounded me.

After 45 Minutes, the notary came in. She was dressed in white, to match the office environment, I guess. She immediately said: "So you want to start a company, and you think you need a BV?". Straight to the point, I thought.

"Well", I said, "I have done quite some research before I came here to discuss this. And I am pretty sure this is what I need." She took a stack of papers out of her bag and sat down opposite of me. After some shuffling of papers, she found a copy of my email she printed out, and read it.

She looked at me again and gave a smile, like a teacher smiles to a child. "You wrote down that you want to start a... a school?", she asked with a slight surprise.

"That is correct", I said.

And so it happened that after some more persuasion, on May 22nd, 2015 Codaisseur BV was founded. Two months later, we welcomed our first class of 47 students for our Beginner Bootcamp: 7 days from Sunday until Saturday, from 10am to 10pm. Lunch and dinner from my wife’s catering company included.

Our 2nd Full-Stack Web Development Academy at our first office.

After that first bootcamp, many iterations came. Now, 6 years later and with the hard-working crew behind Codaisseur, we have helped almost 500 people into jobs since and saw some 1200 students in total. Some 600 companies have hired people from our Academy or asked us to train their employees.

Thinking back to the time of our Academy’s start, it’s incredible to see what we’ve accomplished and where we plan to go next. We continue helping students start their new careers in tech with our Full-Stack Web Development Academy and Cybersecurity courses. We continue expanding our Academy with new programs to further close the talent gap in tech and make tech education accessible to all.

Class 46 of our Full-Stack Web Development Academy at our current office.

I invite you to be a part of the ride, whether you join a course with us or simply stay in touch with us over social media. We can bring humans and technology together one course at a time!

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