The Guide to Becoming a Codaisseur

This is the ultimate guide for anyone interested in becoming a web developer.

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By Hannah Park
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Starting a new career or learning a new skill can seem daunting at first. When that career, skill, or topic you’re interested in is related to programming, you might wonder where to get started.

While you may have looked into various ways to make the step into programming, there are very few options that prepare you for a professional career. In this e-guide, we will show you the fastest way to become a professional programmer and what it takes to become a Codaisseur!

At the Codaisseur Academy, we help people develop their skills in a technical field and build their careers. As a student of our Full-Stack Web Development course, you’ll learn how to program as a junior web developer and be ready to start your new career as soon as you graduate.

You’ll see just how simple it is to get started on a career you’re passionate about.

What you need to know before starting a career in programming

Programming is becoming an increasingly important skill in the workforce. According to Linkedin, the most in-demand job of the future will be a software developer. While the benefits of a career in coding can include an attractive salary, better benefits and more job opportunities, you’ll want to consider a few important aspects before starting this new career path.

How much does it cost to become a programmer?

It takes an investment to start a career in programming, but then again, you’ll be investing in yourself, your career and your future. In short, to become a programmer, you’ll need to own a laptop and you'll need to learn how to code. There are various programs with different price points you can enroll in to become a programmer. At Codaisseur, you only have to pay an admission fee with the remainder of the tuition fee being paid once you graduate and get hired.

Yes, you read that right.

The Academy offers a No Cure - No Pay model. This means that your tuition fee only needs to be paid if you get a job within 5 months of graduating. In most cases, your future employer takes over the tuition fee. We chose this policy to give students the freedom to embark on a new challenge and because we think that education should be accessible to everyone. We want to see our students succeed and the best way is to make sure they are given the right education, tools and guidance without added constraints.

How long does it take to learn coding?

Our course on programming is full-time and takes just 10-weeks to complete. You will learn how to code, use toolsets and be prepared as a junior developer by the time you graduate. Now you may be asking, “how is it possible to become a programmer after only 10 weeks?”

Our academy curriculum contains the most popular development technologies and tools to prepare you with the knowledge and skills necessary for your career. Our intensive academy offers this training within a short time period. That way, graduates can begin their new career journeys sooner and get started working in an environment where they can apply their skills immediately. As we give you the foundation to learn coding, you’ll take this learning further into your career and keep building the skill as you continue to code.

How much effort does it take to learn coding?

Depending on your goals, background and motivation, you will discover your own learning process and the effort needed to learn coding. Our course is full-time and intensive so you will be fully immersed in your program for 10-weeks. To read about our alumni experiences, head to the bottom of this page.

Whether you have a technical background or work in a completely different industry, it’s helpful to know that you can achieve your goals of becoming a programmer with the right combination of resources. In addition to registering for our Full-Stack programming course, you need to prepare your mindset for a new career. That means, understanding you may have a different routine, work schedule, expectations, challenges and interactions in that role. If this sounds like a path for you, see the whole process of becoming a Codaisseur below:

Application process: What it’s like and the key qualities we look for in our candidates

To apply for the Full-Stack programming course and be on your way towards becoming a programmer, you’ll complete the registration process. Don’t be discouraged if you lack technical skills or are coming from a completely different background. All students will start with the Admissions Training Camp, a one-week bootcamp to evaluate their ability to learn tech skills. Those who successfully complete the ATC may continue with the No Cure - No Pay model. Students who wish to pay for their education themselves, may also continue in the Academy.

Firstly, the hard requirements of our No Cure, No Pay program admissions include:

  • Being an EU citizen or having a full visa or permit to live and work in the Netherlands
  • Relevant professional work experience and education
  • Business level of English
  • Aged between 18 and 36 years old

During the ATC, we’d love to see your soft skills. You’ll be invited for an interview during this week to discuss your skills, experience, and motivation.

Want a sneak peak into the interview process and know how to prepare? The traits we’re look for are:

  • Dedication to a career switch/a career in web development
  • Motivation to learn
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Leadership skills
  • A growth mindset
  • Persistence and perseverance
  • Ambition to grow

If you’d like to learn more in depth about these traits we look for, read our blog post here.

So, if you have the mindset to learn, develop and grow, you’re already a step in the right direction. We’re here to teach you the skills you need to succeed in a technical role, whether that is in programming or another role that involves programming, such as a product owner. Don’t hesitate to apply here.

Training: What our course looks like

Our courses are designed to educate students in the most effective and rewarding way. For students looking for a career switch to software development or are just at the start of their career, they can enroll in our 10-week intensive course on track to become junior developers. It’s a great time to start a career in this field and be a part of the quickly growing tech industry. Some of the companies we work with as a hiring partner include Rabobank, KPN, Adyen, WeTransfer, KLM and many others.

Our 10-week Full-Stack development course starts every month and each class reaches a maximum of 25 students. The first week of the Academy is the Admissions Training Camp. During the first 10 weeks, you will learn how to use the most cutting-edge technologies and tools such as JavaScript frameworks and libraries to start web developing on your own. You will also receive regular assessments where you can show us what you have learned and see your own progress.

The final 10th week of the program is the career accelerator week. This week is about preparing yourself to find your dream job. You'll get the latest insights of the industry, learn how to present yourself to new employers, and a land job in no time.

Currently, our courses are held in a hybrid learning format but we hope to invite all students back to our campus very soon. You can find more information about our course curriculum here.

Making the most of the Academy

Now you know how our academy is structured, we’ll share 5 ways to make the most of your coding program. The first and most important step is preparing yourself before the course. That means understanding the topics that will be taught and the expectations of the course. As the course is just 10-weeks, you want to make sure you know what to expect of the program and what's expected of you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

That leads us to the next step. Step two is asking for help when you need it. When you’re just starting a new program, you want to ask questions. Ask your lecturers when you have a question about a topic in the course or ask one of the Codaisseur team members when you have a question about admission and career development. Ask questions when you don’t understand something or even when you’re just curious about the topic. That is one of the best ways to learn.

The third step is to keep up with all assignments, both informal and formal. All formal assessments are graded on a pass/fail basis. This allows you to learn and make sure you understand the material without the pressure of achieving a certain grade. We want to check your progress throughout the course but we don’t want you to focus on your test results. It’s the learning process that counts.

The fourth step is keeping in touch with your career advisor right before and following the end of your course. Our career advisor will help you with finding a career that fits your needs and background. Let her know what you’re looking for in a career and look into the companies you may be interested in working with.

The fifth step is to get ready for your job search! Use Linkedin to make meaningful connections, grow your network, follow any interesting topics and trends or find your next employer. Plan your possible work schedule and make any arrangements you’ll need to get settled into a new future job. This is an exciting time and you’ll see your hard work during the academy pay off!

What happens after graduating the course

After completing the academy, you’ll go through mock interviews and tech assignments. This will ensure you come out with the new skills and the knowledge on how to land your new job. It’s also our guarantee that you’ll have a job or your tuition expenses are covered by us. In order to stay on track and keep the spirit up, you'll want to stay consistent with your pace and always be up-to-date. Your attitude is a main factor that will help you determine your success after the course.

In addition to your hard work during the course, you’ll want to prepare yourself for a new job by making sure your schedule is available for a full-time job, a minimum of 36 hours per week. Look at the industries you feel passionate about, the companies you’d be interested in working for, and see in advance what their requirements are in their job listings. To be well informed throughout your career move, check for any job events, reach out to potential employers and look for other opportunities you may want to pursue.

Codaisseur will assist you in this long journey providing support at each level of the process. We try to get you connected with companies while scouting the market and expanding our network even more. That is why we organize events and help you prepare with mock interviews and resources to study for your assignments. As this is a two-way street, we expect to see your eagerness & dedication to this. We ask that you stay in constant communication with your career advisor and look for your ideal job opportunities as well.

How we’re always here to guide you

From the start of your application process for our academy to the start of your career development with us, our team will be there to guide you through each step. That means we're with you from application to training to graduation, and finally to job acceptance. Our admissions and employment advisor is here to answer any questions you may be having about our courses and our academy. After you graduate from our academy, our career advisor will assist you in finding the right career for you. We’re excited to see you take your new coding knowledge to the next level and succeed in your careers. Let us know if we can help answering any of your questions!

Academy Success stories

We are extremely proud of our Codaisseurs who have graduated from our Full-Stack development course and have gone on to become junior software developers with some great companies. We’ll share their success stories below so you can also get an idea of what it’s like training in web development with Codaisseur.

Ester Kais, who was inspired by her interest in gaming, decided to try coding as a profession. She had quit her job and enrolled in the Codaisseur academy. Throughout the course she took the challenge of learning full-stack web development head on and truly found her passion in programming. She graduated in 2016 and was quickly hired by the e-commerce platform, Shopify.

Sarah Polan, a mother of two children and with a background in Opera, was looking for a new career opportunity. She was completely new to coding and decided to attend one of our demo nights. She then joined the full-stack development course in 2017. While the course was very intense, it gave her the education and confidence she needed to succeed in her next career as a junior developer with ABN AMRO.

Gordon So, a former film studies student, found inspiration from the film, The Social Network, to pursue a career in software development. To gain the programming skills and knowledge, he was looking for a coding school in Amsterdam. He found the curriculum at Codaisseur to be up to date and had a focus on specifically training the students for their careers. After graduating, he started a job with AskPhill that matched the strong foundation and mindset he gained from our program.

If you are ready to become a Codaisseur like one of our successful alumni and start a career you'll love, apply for our Full-Stack academy below.

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