Should you become a developer during the pandemic?

The pandemic has made it difficult to start your career as a developer, but Codaisseur helps you learn the right skills and prepares you for your new job during these times.

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By Hannah Park
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Itโ€™s a time of uncertainty, but times like these also open the opportunity to prepare for your career development. If youโ€™ve been waiting to switch careers into tech, itโ€™s even more beneficial to start the steps toward that goal earlier.

Because while the world adapts to major changes and the job market begins to pick back up, possessing technical skills such as programming, will make you indispensable. So why not start now?

Learning how to code at an academy prepares you for your career ahead, not only in the education you receive but also by providing the resources to start your career.

Codaisseur offers a comprehensive web development academy that teaches you the skills needed to become a developer, provides career building training and helps you land your new job even before graduating. Hereโ€™s how:

A Coding Education Aligned with Market Needs

You can teach yourself how to code, but is the material you learn aligned with the skills needed by companies? At Codaisseur, our teachers work closely with our recruitment team to ensure the material taught in the academy is aligned with developments in the job market. Our current curriculum is aligned with the market needs in the Netherlands and it's well-known that investing yourself in a technical career is worth every penny and will definitely pay back. You can watch our student testimonials to learn about their experiences.

Our teachers also guide you through an intense curriculum so all the material is taught in the most effective manner and you can ask questions to real coding experts! Our extensive community which consists of alumni and hiring partners can also guide you and share their knowledge during your early stages of becoming a developer.

Job Preparation Training with our Career Advisor

At some schools, once you receive your education, the guidance ends when you graduate. You are left on your own to navigate the job market and build a career in an often unfamiliar industry. During the full-stack web development academy at Codaisseur, you receive career development lessons alongside your coding sessions.

Our staff makes sure that you have the necessary knowledge of the current market and all the options explained upon graduation and during your job search period. Of course, you are the one who is going to create a personal growth plan that fits your needs. One thing we can say for sure: The possibilities in the IT industry are endless! We use this way to make sure that you are optimally prepared to code and be able to use those skills in your new job.

Job Connections Before You Graduate

Throughout the year, we host Virtual Hiring Events where we connect our students with our hiring partners, or your potential employer. We invite our current students and alumni to these recruitment speed-dating events so you can be guaranteed an interview even before you graduate! We host these events to offer a casual setting for our students to meet with experts in the IT industry. These companies are looking to hire new developers and they want to further invest in their new employee's growth by taking over their education costs. While joining our academy, you could soon meet your future employer during a virtual hiring event too.

So despite the trying times we face, itโ€™s a great opportunity to start building your new career in tech. With the support of all the staff at Codaisseur, we help our students achieve their goals within just 11 weeks.

Sign up for the academy now as weโ€™ve opened the campus up to a limited number of new students at this time!

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