Recruitment speed dating with Developers: How Codaisseur makes it happen

We educate and prepare students to start their new careers in tech. We also help organizations find the talents they need in tech.

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By Maria Taxiarchi
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Codaisseur’s mission began with the growing demand for developers but lack of proper, job-applicable training available. While educating future developers on the most relevant programming tools, we also prepare our students for their careers by providing them with career-building skills and resources. To bring it all together, we host virtual hiring events where we invite our budding developers and hiring partners to meet and find the right employer-employee match.

Recruitment speed dating with developers: What is that?

An informal and easy way to pre-select people for your hiring process. Ensuring a cultural fit from the start! Thus far, we have successfully organized 6 different speed dating events, and we had the pleasure of hosting more than 30 companies looking for talent. More than half of them identified and hired new colleagues for their teams!

Why did we start doing Virtual Hiring Events?

At Codaisseur, we have a new batch of tech graduates every 3 to 5 weeks. Our alumni are all extremely passionate and motivated starters in tech. However, at some point we noticed that our graduates had a harder time getting to know the industry and gaining a market perspective. This is what made us think about new ways to bring together our Partner Network with our recently graduated students.

Therefore, we came up with recruitment speed dating as an informal, quick, exciting and fun way to get to know each other.

How do the speed dates work?

The way we set up the event here at Codaisseur the speed dates last approximately 10 minutes. After every event we hear that this is a very short time frame, and that is what the speed dates are all about of course! Speed dates are just a means of getting to know each other after which a decision needs to be made from both parties (candidate & company) if they would like to continue the process.

Our graduates usually have 2-4 speed dates during these events, while participating organizations tend to have around 6-10 dates.

While we do get the feedback that speed dates are too short, for some other dates it is enough time to make an introduction. This is the balance we aim to keep, as for us, a speed date is a huge success if you feel it was too short. The date is meant as an introductory talk & if there is a match, of course you want to learn more!

How do we prepare organizations & our alumni for the virtual hiring event?

Just like in real life, having a successful speed date requires some preparation! We ask both the participating organisations and Codaisseur candidates to prepare, so they can make the most of the time they have available.

From our end though, we do make sure that both parties are as prepared as can be. With companies, we hold intakes to find out what they are looking for in a candidate and what the hiring needs of their organisation are. We also provide them with the graduates' profiles several days ahead of the event so that they can optimally prepare.

With students, we provide insights and information about the participating companies and we are hosting career-preparation workshops on how they can impress their representatives in only 10 minutes!

What do our attendees (companies & graduates) say about our speed-dating events?

No matter how proud we are of our initiative, we would like to share with you some of the feedback we have received about our events:

I really believe that this kind of initiative is extremely valuable
It was organized well and I like the style to get to know companies in a quick talk. So I would definitely be up for doing this again in the future.
I was impressed with the quality of the resumes. For us, personal (soft) skills, work experience and maturity are just as important as the (hard) development skills.
We like these events, 10 minutes is short, but just enough to get a good first impression.
It was a very fun way of meeting candidates, I would love to do this again!

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