Overcoming the challenges in learning how to code | Evelina's Story pt. 3

I'm back - with regained confidence actually.

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By Codaisseur
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I'm back - with regained confidence actually.

I'm not going to lie, the last two weeks have been quite tough. That's why I haven't had the energy to update my weekly review. But instead of doing a weekly review, I'll try my best to review these last two weeks in an honest and open way.

Iā€™m already in week 4 and a new group just started week 1- so I guess that makes me somewhat of a semi-senior at Codaisseur? (hehe)

But let's rewind the two last weeks. Week 2 was the week of programming styles, fetching from databases and the magic of internet as my blog post is called. We started the week by going through different programming styles, which are used by programmers today. OOP - Object Oriented Programming and Functional Programming.

In short:

OOP - revolves around the idea of thinking of objects like "boxes" of data, a collection of related data. New features of JavaScript were introduced: Classes, constructor and instances among others.

Functional Programming - evolves around Higher-order functions - a lot of using map, filter, reduce. Overall to think about the execution flow.

We ended the week with a review on how the internet works, diving into terms like the browser aka "the client", datacenters with databases, servers, API, etc. To be honest, I've never really thought about how the internet works exactly - I always expect it to work and when it doesn't I get super frustrated, a feeling many of you can recognize I think. Now, I actually know what some of the respond messages mean: like 404 (not found) and 200 (everything went OK!)

I must say that I really love the way this course is planned. During week 1, you get introduced to HTML, CSS and basic JS. Week 2 - we continued to explore JavaScript and got familiar with the programming styles out there and also the internet itself. Last week we started to explore first react alone and then together with redux. I've heard about these terms before as a close friend of mine works with this on a daily basis at SAS. So for me to be working with react/redux, exactly as my friend is doing (ok maybe not exactly, I guess he is on another level, but still) is making me feel like I'm actually gaining the skills I need for the "real world".

React - is one of the most popular front-end frameworks out there. By installing create-react-app, you get a lot for "free", that helps you in the development process - dependencies, scripts to develop and build-up of the app. Overall a tool that helps you with structure and avoiding a lot of hardcoding. New features that were introduced: Components (class and function), props, state, and Virtual DOM.

Redux - is a state management library which as the name explains a library for managing states. It's often used together with react, and the key players of redux are: Reduce, Action and Store.

So as tough as these two weeks have been, with me actually failing the assignment in week 2 but managing to get revenge this weekend (as I passed!!)

I've learned so much and actually grown as an individual

It always sounds cheesy when you say stuff like that. But I'll be honest, when I got "red" on the assignment of week 2, I felt quite low on energy Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I felt frustrated that I couldn't implement what I've learned during the week and that I didn't get the result I wanted. I've always been a hard-working person, I always come prepared for exams and I'll be super disappointed if I don't prepare myself enough for an exam, a presentation or something like that.

Week 2 I felt something different - I felt so frustrated and actually a little "dumb". During the week leading up to weekend 2 - I felt like I understood the topics of the week and could "deliver" during class. When we are doing the coding challenges, I was pretty independent - or as independent a beginner can be I guess. When getting the assignment I understood the whole picture, but got stuck during each step and eventually started to panic as the hours flew by.

That week after (last week) I pulled my teacher aside and discussed my issues, how I fail to understand the instructions as they are written in a more technical/programming English - which I'm not used to yet. We agreed on a strategy of working for the rest of the week and during this Saturday - I felt newfound confidence, a feeling of ā€œI got this.ā€

Even though I didn't understand the questions crystal clear, I knew how to look up each problem and how to read errors. I didn't panic and that helped a lot. My teacher said that he was proud of the progress I've made and I must say that I was proud of myself as well. This week is project week as I mentioned and each day I feel more and more confident in the role of a programmer.

xx Evelina

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