My First Week at Codaisseur | Evelina's Story Pt. 2

So, my first week of coding school has come to an end. This week has been intense, informative and fun.

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By Codaisseur
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So, my first week of coding school has come to an end. This week has been intense, informative and fun. We started with some name games to break the ice. In my class, we're 20 people and 15 out of them are women (!!!). Not very common in the tech world. Apparently, the class which started before us were all guys. My class consists of people from the whole world - India, Vietnam, Portugal, Poland, USA, China, Brazil, the Netherlands and then there is me from Sweden. I think it's so cool that we’re such a diverse class. I love meeting people from different backgrounds. I would say that around 60 % of the class have some sort of knowledge within the field from before, whether that is from a computer science degree or just by knowing another programming language. I’m a part of the other 40 % and so far, I think I’m doing ok. I’m keeping up with the curriculum and learning new things each day.

We started week 1 with going through HTML and CSS and then we went over the basics in JavaScript. I actually coded my first application, a Museum webpage with some small features.

A typical day in school starts with a warmup exercise, usually a mind map on what you remember from the day before. Then we use the whiteboard to summarize our thoughts and talk about what on today’s agenda. After that, we dig into coding and we do that by following different modules. As we are training to become strong, independent developers with a growth mindset (according to our amazing teacher Rein) – most of the time we’re working by our self – but always with the possibility to ask, either a classmate or a teacher. Usually, during the day, a teacher does some live coding, digging into some parts of the learning goals of the day.

Some new concepts and features I’ve learned this week:

  • A lot of different git cmd. Git status – is definitely the one I’ve been using the most so far…
  • Manipulating my computer with diverse cmd so I’m as effective as I can – feeling like a proper tech girl already.
  • You can do a lot of different features with CSS – it’s easy for someone like me who loves design to spend too much time deciding colors, fonts, etc.
  • Being comfortable with using VS Code as a code editor.
  • Dominating the DOM (doesn’t it sound cool?) is something I’d like to say I actually do in the future.
  • Google is your friend. And so is YouTube – when you’re tired of reading/coding, you can watch someone live-code on YouTube instead.
  • Practice is key in learning a programming language. That’s why eat, sleep, code – repeat is my mantra for the next 10 weeks ahead.

I ended the school week with grabbing a Pizza & Peroni at Pizza + Prosecco (what a great name right?!) and then slept like a baby. Saturday meant assignment day, our first one and it was interesting to put my knowledge to test. I think I did okay, but there is always room for improvement. Hopefully, I'll be more confident to work on projects independently in the next following weeks.

xx Evelina

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