Is it the right time to develop in your career?

The right career for you is one you'll enjoy.

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By Vandana Sudhir
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Are you considering switching careers and going into web development? Maybe you’ve read about the benefits of becoming a developer and are looking for new challenges in your work.

It’s a big decision to make - aside from your job, your daily schedule and mindset will change if you switch your career. You’ll have to go outside of your comfort zone to try something new. However, if you’re unhappy in your current role and want to commit to improving your situation, it can be worth the time and effort to switch careers. We spend an average of 50% of our waking hours working! Therefore, you’ll want to do work that you are passionate about and enjoy as much as possible.

Becoming a developer truly offers the benefits one looks for in a new career: plenty of job opportunities, new challenges in your work, flexibility and more benefits. While it’s not a role that you can immediately jump into, it’s still possible to become a developer without having a technical background.

Here are a few ways to find out if a career switch into web development is really for you:

Make time to learn

There will be a transition period during which you’ll need to learn how to code and start looking for a job as a developer. You will need to prepare yourself for this time as it will take your full focus and prioritization. If you learn to code at a coding bootcamp, you’ll need to commit full-time for a few weeks.

This may seem like the biggest barrier in your career switch journey because a lot will happen in a short amount of time, you’ll be learning new, challenging material in an intensive course and looking for a new job right after. Fortunately, you’ll be able to start your career as a developer within weeks of completing the coding bootcamp.

Know what to expect in the job

After finishing your coding bootcamp, you’ll be prepared to work as a junior developer. In this role, you’ll be able to learn from more senior developers on your team and further develop your knowledge.

What does a day in the life of a developer look like? Coding is a large part of it and you’ll be spending most of your day working on your laptop independently. If you’re not used to regularly working on a computer, this will seem like a new process. Also there is more to the job, you’ll also need to work with a team, (possibly clients too) and solve problems together.

Be willing to take on the challenges

Learning a new skill takes time and coding is no exception. There will be obstacles along the way but each time you overcome them, you’ll feel more confident in your abilities. Don’t be afraid to fail, this is a main aspect of coding. Coding is all about testing, problem solving and learning from the things that don’t work. What’s important is learning from mistakes and using your learnings to fix errors and improve.

Keeping this in mind when you’re learning how to code will give you the assurance that the process may be difficult but you can succeed. Anyone can become a developer and the secret is that it just takes practice.

Give coding a try

The best way to see if coding is right for you is to try it! There are many ways to try coding for free online. If trying to learn how to code on your own is daunting for you, you can try it out at the Taste of Code event and learn from an expert. The Codaisseur Academy offers this free coding event at the campus on Saturdays. Sign up below to save a spot at our next Taste of Code.

Try coding at our campus! Sign up for a Taste of Code.

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