Is it possible to find job security in 2021?

Learn how you can turn your tech education into a lasting career.

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By Hannah Park
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Starting a new career in the post-pandemic period may bring about some hesitations. As a result of the pandemic, jobs were lost and it was difficult for those unemployed to transition to new jobs immediately. While the economy picks back up again and the job market offers more opportunities, there is more encouragement to get back into the workforce and develop your career.

Despite several industries facing setbacks, there were still some others that were able to pick back up quickly as the pandemic period subsided. One of these sectors that is growing and continues to excel is the tech industry.

When looking to start a new career, it is important to consider the initial investment it may take to gain a new education or learn new skills. Fortunately, there are programs out there that are offered for free, online and specifically for people who faced unemployment during the pandemic.

Still, it takes the initial internal drive to step out of your comfort zone and learn something new. If tech is an interesting field for you or you are mainly just interested in finding job stability, you’ll be able to build a new career that pays off.

Growth in the Tech Industry

While growth in tech has been stalled by circumstances due to the pandemic, the current trend of growth in the industry is expected to reach the same predicted growth prior to the pandemic. As a result, the tech industry is expected to reach a $5 trillion market value by the end of 2021. This may just sound like a big number but what exactly does this mean? This means that while services will grow and become more profitable, it also indicates that more jobs will be available in the industry. Tech continues to expand and innovate so starting your career in this industry can open a lot of opportunities and benefits for you.

What specific tech sector should I start working in?

There are several different tech roles you can consider depending on the specific sector you may be interested in.

One of the most in demand jobs has been and currently still is a developer.

Have you checked the website of a restaurant or used a mobile app? These are most likely ordinary things you do and don’t think twice about. Both the website and mobile app were built and are constantly updated by developers. Think about other digital tools or applications you use to carry out regular tasks in your day. Those were also built by developers and the more technology we use, the more developers are needed to build the right tools. There are different types of developers that work on building applications, or usable tech for people. Because there is a high demand for these roles, job stability and working benefits are also aspects associated with the career.

As the tech industry grows as a whole, there are specific fields that are significantly growing and requiring more specialists in the field. One of the fields is Cybersecurity. Understandably, Cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important as tech usage expands. More people and companies are relying on technical services to store data and manage daily activities. However, cyber criminals also see this as an opportunity to take advantage of vulnerabilities in the systems and networks that keep us connected.

With a new education and certification, starting a career in this field is possible. There are various jobs to pursue depending on your background and interests. You can learn more about the different roles and responsibilities in Cybersecurity here.

How to get started on a new career in tech?

Thinking about the career you want in the long term is the first step to take. If you’re interested in a very technical role or possibly a leadership role in Cybersecurity in the future, you may want to build the knowledge and skills of more technical areas at the start. This could be learning how to code or getting to know different tools in Cybersecurity. By planning your career path in advance, you’ll have a better idea of the skills you’ll need to build initially.

Then you can find out how to gain those skills. Maybe you want to become a Network Security Architect or an Ethical Hacker? You’ll need to know how to code. So you’ll think about whether you want to learn coding on your own or in a class setting. There are many options so finding out what the best way of learning is for you and reading online reviews can be a helpful way to decide which course to take.

Is a university degree necessary to work in tech?

Having a university degree in computer science or another IT-related field can help build the knowledge foundation for your career but it’s not always necessary. Whether you want to become a developer or another specified role such as a cybersecurity specialist, you can learn the skills needed by joining an intensive academy. Tech academies are a great way to learn the necessary skills for the job while taking less time to complete than a university program. Most coding academies take around 9 weeks to complete. While you focus completely on your education at this time, you can start working as a developer immediately after you graduate.

You can compare the options: committing to a two month Academy or possibly a four year university program. In case you are worried that two months is not enough time for you to learn the material, it may help to know that graduates at Codaisseur are prepared to work in a new job as a junior developer after 9 weeks and build their skills further while building their career.

For those who want to immerse themselves in a faster option to start their new career, joining a tech academy that guarantees you a job is also very useful. An academy that offers a job guarantee option gives you the ease of mind to invest your time and effort on a new education with job prospects after graduation. Just make sure to learn about the terms and conditions so you know exactly what is expected from you and the academy.

So the answer is yes, working towards a career in tech can boost job security. You can have your dream career in tech and build it too! To learn more about the courses you can join to start your career in tech, visit our website here.

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