How to start a career in cybersecurity

There are various ways to get started on a career in cybersecurity but, it can be difficult to know how to approach this career path.

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By Hannah Park
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The number of unfilled Cybersecurity jobs is expected to be 3.5 million in 2021 and continues to grow this present day. This represents the urgent need for cybersecurity specialists to ensure the safety of company’s, and entire countries’ and their inhabitants’ data. The Netherlands, for example, is needing to take control of its cybersecurity defences as a country.

Starting a career in cybersecurity has a range of benefits including an attractive salary, possibilities for growth and exciting work every day. Getting into this field early on can give you a leg up on the opportunities and growth in the industry. Ready to start your career in cybersecurity?

By reading this article, you’re already on the right track. As the field is still developing, it may seem like getting your start in this career is out of reach and as cryptic as T.V. shows portray it to be. You might think of, Mr. Robot, for example.

Some questions you might be having:

Do I need to have a technical background to work in cybersecurity?

Which education in tech do I need?

What certificate can I earn to show companies before starting my career in cybersecurity?

We’ll answer your questions and give you a clear overview of the process of starting your career in Cybersecurity.

Firstly, having a technical background definitely helps. Depending on the exact role you’ll pursue, knowing how to code and understand different technologies will be very useful and perhaps necessary. For example, if you want to be a Network Security Engineer or an Ethical Hacker, these skills will be required. So based on your career goals, you can also learn how to code and build technical skills in advance.

But don’t feel discouraged if you don’t have a technical background. You can still learn the foundations of cybersecurity and gain the education through a certified course to start other careers in Cybersecurity, such as a Cyber Security Analyst. The Cybersecurity course at Codaisseur is designed for beginners and helps interested learners gain the knowledge and qualifications to start their careers in this exciting field.

What does the Cybersecurity Course curriculum include?

Our Cybersecurity course, previously 24 weeks part-time, has been condensed into 12 weeks part-time and includes an introduction week on site where you will get to know the teacher, your class and the curriculum in depth before diving into the course material.

Starting with the Cybersecurity basics, the course will then cover the Analysis of Telecommunication, Hands-on Configuration and Assessments, Forensics Investigation, Security Design and Architecture, and Security Management and Real Life Scenarios. While learning the strategies and concepts, you’ll also learn new tools and be able to apply your new knowledge to practical situations.

How does the Academy help prepare me for a career in Cybersecurity?

During this Academy, you will participate in real-life scenarios and put the knowledge you learned into practice with Virtual Machines. This exercise allows you to experiment with various technologies and techniques without causing any real harm. In addition to providing the information, skills and experience through lectures and hands-on training, our Academy offers a Career Accelerator week. In this final week of the Academy, you will gain the resources to prepare for your job-search period.

What certificate will I receive after completing the Academy?

After graduating from the Cybersecurity Academy you will be prepared to take the COMPTIA Security+ exam including an exam voucher and e-book. This certificate is globally recognized in the Cybersecurity industry to validate your skills for your new IT Security job. So you can share this achievement with your future employers!

What are the requirements of the course?

Before enrolling in the course, you will receive a test to assess your English proficiency and an aptitude test to assess your problem-solving skills. Because the course is designed for beginners, you can be completely new to Cybersecurity. Just show us your motivation and be ready to take on this accelerated learning challenge.

Now getting your start in Cybersecurity is just a course away. Residents in the Netherlands can apply for STAP funding to get €1.000,- off their tuition costs. For more information about our Academy, visit us here.

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