How much does a junior web developer earn

Starting your career or leaving your current job to pursue your dreams can be quite a big step.

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By Maria Taxiarchi
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Starting your career or leaving your current job to pursue your dreams can be quite a big step. It is normal to wonder where life as a programmer may take you and what kind of salary you can expect starting your new career in Code. Therefore, we provide you with a rough estimate of what you may expect to earn after completing our 11-week Academy.

The average salary that a Junior Web Developer receives after completing our Academy lies between €2300 and €2900 per month.

What positions can I expect to start in after finishing the Academy?

By completing our Academy you have got everything that it takes to set your first step in your new coding career. This means you are the perfect candidate for starter positions in this field. Examples of these positions are: Junior Front-End Developer, Junior Full-stack Developer, Junior Web Developer en Junior Software Developer.  The majority of our students are rocking these positions right now.

Developer jobs are not the only positions you could aim to start your coding career in. Due to your new technical skills, you are a very interesting candidate for companies in positions such as Product Manager, Technical Support Engineer, and other functions that combine tech skills with other areas of expertise. Having extensive knowledge of coding is highly desirable and beneficial for these functions. These are excellent starting positions, especially at medium-sized to bigger companies, where you will have a lot of opportunities to grow.

Which companies can I start working for?

In programming there are tons of opportunities, start-ups, scale-ups, local, national, international, multinational companies all these have development teams. So do you prefer working for a start-up to conquer the world? Or do you prefer working with an established company with offices all over the globe? It is up to you to decide!

Almost half of our alumni choose to work for companies within the software industry. However, the other half of our graduates work in a wide range of different branches: E-commerce, startups around sustainability, fashion, banking, and the list goes on... It really depends on your own passion.

91% of our students find a job within 3 months after graduating the Codaisseur Academy

Does Codaisseur help landing me a job?

Yes! More than 250 Partner companies have already hired our graduates. Meaning we have a wide network of Partners we are in touch with. This means that we’ll be among the first to know about new job opportunities, forwarding these right to you!
Next to having our Partner Network, in the Academy we also focus on the required skills to land a job, optimizing your online presence (LinkedIn, GitHub), grill you with mock interviews, and all the support you need.

More than 350 graduates have been hired within 3 months after graduating from the Academy.

So how about the study costs?

Our mission is to make coding education available to anyone and fill the talent gap in the tech industry. Therefore, we only ask our students for a small admission fee (€800). The remainder of the study costs is paid in monthly instalments once you get hired by a company.

Because we are convinced that you are the perfect candidate for any company looking for junior developers, we also offer a job guarantee. Meaning that you will not have to pay the study costs when you do not find a job within the job search period.

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