How learning to code can transform your future for the better

When you think about your future, what do you want to achieve?

2 years ago   •   3 min read

By Hannah Park
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When you think about your future, what do you want to achieve?

For many people, the answer would in some way relate to their career. It’s no surprise, because working in a career you’re passionate about can bring you a lot of joy and satisfaction. These rewarding feelings can come from working in an industry you feel connected to or working on a product that can make a positive difference in the world. At the end of the day, you want to be excited about the projects you’re working on and proud of what you’ve done.

You may be thinking this sounds great, but we understand it’s not always easy to attain.

While it may take some more time and experience to find that dream job, it is possible to make steps towards achieving it. One way is by learning skills that are in demand in the workforce and one of the best examples is coding.

As other factors come into play, such as unpredictable global happenings and an uneasy job market, coding remains a highly sought-after skill for companies. Gaining coding skills can lead to more work opportunities and the abilities to create digital tools for other people and for the future. So with the ability to code, you can increase your chances to start a career you’re passionate about!

Let’s look at the ways you can transform your future (and the future of others) by learning how to code:

Finding passion in your career

For your career development, learning how to code can open the door to more job opportunities, flexibility and potential to earn. Whether you become a programmer or take on a hybrid position that involves coding, you’ll be starting a career that has high demand and stable prospects for the future.

Having more opportunities in the workforce allows you to also have more options in the type of industry you’d like to work in and more specifically, the company. If you love sports, you might enjoy working for a company that offers a game analytics app or if you’re passionate about the environment, you can work on building a product that facilitates recycling. These are just a few examples but the possibilities are endless. Thus, you can choose to work in an industry you truly care about and let your passion guide you from there.

Gaining personal development

For your personal growth, learning how to code also teaches you to think outside-the-box. While you code, you are continuously problem-solving and using logic to understand issues. As you apply this way of thinking more and more in your work, you can also start to see other personal or professional situations with the new outlook. Problem-solving is an incredibly important skill during and outside of coding.

Another way coding helps with your personal development is by boosting self-confidence. You may not notice at first, but you will start to see your confidence grow as you write your own code for the first time. That webpage you asked the developer to fix before? It's now your playing field. Coding is also a universal skill that allows you to work with people from around the world. By learning new coding languages, you can communicate and collaborate with other developers and be a part of a buzzing community.

Working towards a greater cause

On a grander scale, you will see the product you’re building contribute to a greater cause. This can be an app used by millions of people or an update that improves the usability for a small group. That’s what you’ve been working towards and when you see results from this, you can see your motivation and success finally meeting each other. Building an innovative product as a developer makes an impact on the future and your passion drives the progress in your everyday life, your career and the lives of others.

How to get started

Now is your chance to start coding and build a fulfilling career. Programming may seem to have a high learning curve but with the right web development program, you can learn within 11 weeks. To try out coding for a day, the Codaisseur Academy offers free A Taste of Code  workshops. You’ll learn about the fundamentals of web development: HTML, CSS and Javascript and build an online game all in one day. Sign up for the online workshop here and don’t forget to have fun!

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