How Camelia is turning her passion for Cybersecurity into a career

The motivation to develop yourself can help you start a new, rewarding career.

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By Lisa Scorzon
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Starting a career in a new field is challenging, and especially if the field is rather new itself. But what is growth without a challenge?

The students in our Cybersecurity course are taking this challenge head on and preparing themselves for an exciting career in tech. We interviewed Camelia, a student in our first Cybersecurity course, to share what motivated her to make the step into Cybersecurity and how she overcame the gender stereotype for women in IT.

Please introduce yourself and share a little about your previous educational and work background?

Camelia: I'm Camelia, I have a Bachelor's degree in Legal and Administrative Sciences. Although Cybersecurity was something I wanted to do at the start, I never worked with it. Since my teenage years, I was very drawn into technology, not necessarily cybersecurity. When I started to learn a little about it, I became more interested and started experimenting with a lot of stuff. Unfortunately also in that period in Romania, it wasn’t common for women to be in IT. You had to know mathematics. So I couldn’t start a study program for it, my parents didn’t agree. I ended up in legal.

I started to work in Romania in technical support for America Online and until now, that was my favorite job. We were also doing a part of security because we were also offering technical support for Mcafee. It was a taste of Cybersecurity, not as deep as we are doing now in the course with Codaisseur. But it was a start.

Then I quit my job to come to the Netherlands. Here I was working in retail, and I was going further and further away from the Cybersecurity part. But the pandemic came with something good for me. Over lockdown, I thought, let’s do something totally different. Let’s do something that I want to do, that I had in my mind for so long, but could never do it and here I am!

Why did you want to start a Cyber Security course?

Camelia: I started the cybersecurity course because this was my passion since childhood. I never got to study it so now I decided to go for it and follow my passion. My boyfriend is a programmer and he suggested that programming is easier. But no, I wanted to go into cybersecurity.

What do you enjoy the most about Cyber Security?

Camelia: There’s a lot I like. I like the challenge, I like the unknown and also that feeling of content when you really get the idea and the answer. It’s amazing.

What do you like most about the Cyber Security course at Codaisseur?

Camelia: It’s very interactive. We have this amazing group of people. We are helping each other, everybody is there to help you when you have questions. It’s very supportive. It’s everything that I wanted for a course.

I also like the hands-on part, where we really get to do things. I like when we have the servers for ourselves and we try to figure it out. For example, now we’re trying to build a router in the Linux server. That’s very challenging but that’s what the teacher is making us do, making us work for it. In the theoretical part, we are preparing now for the CompTIA Security+ exam and that’s great, it’s a plus for the course.

What job in Cyber Security are you interested in pursuing?

Camelia: I want to become a penetration tester. I think it’s a lot of work but I want to do and I’ll get there. In this role, they testing for vulnerabilities, they’re really searching for it hands-on, not just trying to protect. I really like to dive deep into stuff.

Do you have any tips for aspiring Cyber Security students?

Camelia: It’s really challenging, but in the end if you like it, go for it. It brings a lot of joy when you realize yes, you started from zero and now you can really do and understand the work. Then you’re really pleased with yourself. If you want to land a job in cybersecurity, this would be a great start. You’ll end up with so much knowledge and also with great friends.

What is a hidden talent of yours?

Camelia: I’m a great cook and I cook everything. I also make the best cupcakes. :)

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