How a notarial law professional became a frontend developer

Career switchers take on a big challenge by learning new skills and entering a new industry.

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By Hannah Park
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Since 2015, Codaisseur has been training students for their careers in tech. Most of our students have come from different backgrounds such as marketing, hospitality, and also different fields of science. We are so proud of every student and the major accomplishment they achieve by re-skilling to become developers. Today, we celebrate our 500th hired student, Erik Hendrikson!

While having the interest in coding at a young age, Erik decided to pursue his passion in tech. He made the step to switch careers by joining our Full-Stack Web Development Academy and found his ideal job 3 weeks after graduating. To share Erik's experience at our Academy, we had a conversation with him which you can read below.

Could you tell us about your education and professional background?

Erik: I have a background in notary law (legal background). I worked at a notary office for one year. I found out that I wasn’t enjoying the work and I missed the passion in it. Then I took a gap year, to find out what I wanted to do and try out new things.

Eventually, I got into coding. My father is a coder. When I was a young kid, I got a book on C++. I already knew from a young age that I was interested in tech. I opened the book once. But I was 9 years old so it was too difficult. I didn’t think about coding again until my gap year. At this time, I got back into my childhood interests.

What was your motivation to learn how to code?

Erik: I wanted to work as a developer. When I started coding on my own, I found it was something I really enjoyed and really got energy from. But I found out that there is too much to explore in the field alone. I needed some guidance and some structure. I didn’t want to learn how to code alone, I wanted to do it with other people, ideally with a class. That’s how I found out about Codaisseur.

How did you find out about Codaisseur?

Erik: My friend was also a career switcher from legal to IT. I talked with him about his experience at a different bootcamp. Since I was looking for a bootcamp that was shorter than 3 months, he recommended Codaisseur. He heard good things about the academy and said I should look into it.

What do you enjoy most about coding?

Erik: I enjoy building and creating things. It’s really cool to have the tools to put some ideas into practice and actually create something. It’s a really good feeling. I also like the structure of it and the logical part of it.

What did you enjoy most about Codaisseur?

Erik: I liked being able to code together. When I joined the Academy, the classes were still held remotely. But everyone is encouraged and enthusiastic to ask questions to the teachers and to each other. Everyone’s happy to help each other out. It’s fun to explain code to each other and you learn the most coding together. The interactiveness was definitely one of the best aspects, so I wasn’t just working on my own.

What was the job search process like for you?

Erik: After I finished the course, I used everything I learned from Codaisseur to build my own personal website with React. I had one job interview, then I entered the Virtual Hiring Event. I matched with 4 companies and had interviews with them. I really liked the company Angi Studio. We had a fun meeting and matched so well. We talked further and after doing a job interview, I landed my first job with them. I got my job 3 weeks after graduating as a Creative Frontend Developer.

What were you looking for in the company?

Erik: I was looking for a creative digital agency that is making a lot of different products and on the creative side. I’m really interested in design and using CSS. In the company, I was looking for people who are passionate about code and a company culture that is about openness and fun.

How would you review the overall experience at Codaisseur?

Erik: I was really looking for a school experience, I didn’t want to follow an online, self-study program. My expectations were of a class, people engaged with each other, talking about code with each other, a lot of creativity, having teachers that help you develop yourself as a developer. All those expectations were met. From the first day on, I had a good feeling. I really liked the whole course, teachers, staff, other students in the class, and the reader as well. The whole combination really helps you develop.

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