From Molecular Biology to Coding | Evelina's Story Pt. 1

Hi and welcome to (hopefully) some new readers, that may be interested in what it's like diving into the world of code.

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By Codaisseur
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Hi and welcome to (hopefully) some new readers, that may be interested in what it's like diving into the world of code.

As I've told you guys here before, the reason for making the move to Amsterdam was to attend code school, and that school is called Codaisseur. Ranked as Netherlands number 1 Code school. I will attend the full-stack web development course that is over a period of 11 weeks. I've partnered up with Codaisseur to write a weekly blog about my time at the school, the progress I'm doing in becoming a full-stack developer but also thoughts in general about coding. So if you're interested in learning to code and maybe like me, do not have that much of a technical background I recommend you to visit Codaisseur's blog where I'll post each week starting week 39.

So who am I then?

A 25 (soon 26!) year old girl from Sweden that has a bachelor in Molecular Biology, ie not a classic technical background at all. I realized last year that this path wasn't for me. If you want to know more about that decision, go to the post "Instagram vs Reality". During my time at Uni, I tried some coding though, mostly Python. I got more and more intrigued by it and as I hang out with a lot of engineers I asked them for help in this new world I was about to explore. As I see myself as a creative human being that likes design/visual representation in different forms - JavaScript/HTML/CSS spoke to me the most. But did I have any doubt that this field was something I could manage and actually work in??

Hell to the yes. I went on an "eat, pray, love" journey last year and during that time I did my research on what it's like being a developer. I realized I wanted the freedom of being able to work from anywhere - from my computer. I've always loved to travel, explore new cities/environments and meet new, interesting people. I realized during my travel that I couldn't go back to my old "stationary" job. I've found Codaisseur during my research and it spoke to me in several way. I felt like I needed a change in the environment, so making the move to Amsterdam from Sweden felt like the right choice. But most of all I really believed in the Academy and its curriculum. I love school and enjoy studying hard so for me an 11-week Bootcamp where I got to dive into the world and "get my hands dirty" from day one felt perfect. I am humbled to the fact I'm not going to be a perfect developer when graduating from school but I do believe that Codaisseur will prepare me for my future career.

So, how have my days been after getting the "Congratulations, you've been accepted to Codaisseur"?

Well, interesting to say the least. I made the move from Sweden to Amsterdam, with an overweight of "only" 13 kilos (I honestly thought it was going to be more). I moved into my apartment in central Amsterdam, near Westerkerk, with my housemates NΓ³ra and Wauter. I would be lying if I didn't say I feel a little bit lonely from time to time. I'd never been to Amsterdam or the Netherlands before this move, but my lovely housemates have made me feel right at home. As they had a spare bike I quickly made my way around just like the locals do. Right now I'm sitting in the OBA Library, doing the preparatory work. A great and bright environment to study in.

I started by going over the article "How do I prepare for the Coding Academy?" and made a checklist of the things I needed to go through. Right now I'm doing the lessons at freeCodeCamp but before that, I went through some of the keyboard shortcuts/app shortcuts - some of them I already knew and some were new to me. As I am practicing coding now I'm trying to use shortcuts as much as possible as that will increase the speed of my workflow. School starts September 16th for me, so until then you'll find me by my computer - either here at the library or at some cute cafΓ© in town.

Lastly, I am a strong advocate for getting more girls/women into coding and technology in general. So for any woman who is reading this, I want to say a few things: Coding is as much for girls as it is for boys. You don't have to be a technical genius to get into code, I promise you - I'm not. As long as the interest is there, you'll be fine.

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