Codaisseur expands course offerings, puts Full-Stack Javascript Academy on hold until August

We are temporarily putting the Academy on hold to focus on making tech education accessible to everyone.

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By Lisa Scorzon
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Educating learners in tech is at the heart of what we do. It only makes sense for us to provide everyone with the opportunity to learn tech skills to build their careers without the concern of study costs.

Since the pandemic has affected the jobs of many people and our academy too, we are even more determined to take the initiative to help build durable careers for all. As the tech industry continues to grow, there are increasing opportunities in an exciting, innovative field for those who need and wish to start a new career.

That’s why we’ve decided to put our Full-Stack Web Development Academy on hold until August 30th, while we focus on expanding our efforts to make tech education accessible to everyone.

Thus... we are offering a free career-oriented education program for all learners to provide the knowledge needed to gain employment and Nederland Leert Door tech courses for Dutch-speaking residents of the Netherlands, free of cost as well.

We’re extremely proud of our academy and students, as we’ve reached a 100% hiring rate for our last three Full-Stack Javascript classes. To continue sharing this success, we’ve branched out to join partner initiative programs so we can further close the talent gap in tech. Here’s what to expect at Codaisseur in the upcoming months:

Can I still join the Full-Stack Academy?

If you’re interested in joining our Full-Stack Web Development Academy, don’t worry! You can sign up in advance now for the August 30th starting date. We will continue to improve our curriculum so our students get the most in-demand programming knowledge in the job market.

Additionally due to high demand, we will scale up operations at that time to offer 3 overlapping full-stack courses. New classes will start every 3 weeks but spots fill up quickly. We can’t wait to give our students the new and improved Codaisseur training.

Do you offer a general tech program for beginners?

Yes! We will launch a new tech education program very soon. To help those whose jobs were affected by the pandemic, we will facilitate their training and career development in tech.

To participate in the program, you do not need a previous degree or experience but should possess basic tech skills. We will share more details about the program next week. Follow us on our social channels, to stay updated about the announcement!

Do you offer tech courses in Dutch?

Yes! We are working with the Dutch government to give Dutch residents in the Netherlands the opportunity to learn about a new topic in tech. The Nederland Leert Door courses offered at Codaisseur include Learn Programming, Build Your Own AI, Ethical Hacking, and A Taste of Tech.

The courses are designed for beginners, completely free of charge and are only available in Dutch. More information about and registration for these courses can be found here. If you have any questions about the NLLD courses, you can take a look at our FAQ page here.

So if you’ve been looking for a new job or wanting to switch careers, join one of our courses to learn if the tech field is right for you!

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