Becoming a Junior Web Developer | Evelina's Story Pt. 4

Today is my first day being an officially graduated Codaisseur alumni. I MADE IT!​

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By Codaisseur
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Today is my first day being an officially graduated Codaisseur alumni. I MADE IT!​ Now the job hunt begins - extremely excited to see what's out there and to find a company that's a great fit for me and I am for them.

So how to sum up the experience I've had during these past 11 weeks completing a Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp?

  • Intense & long hours

Some of them trying to solve the never seen before errors, challenging but also extremely rewarding when you finally understand a new thing and don't freak out when getting errors, but actually solve the problem because you understand them.

  • I feel extremely proud of myself

Coming from a non-IT background (as a Molecular Biologist) and completing the bootcamp (where only 35 % of the applicants are accepted and 70 % graduate). I proved to myself that I am intelligent enough to thrive in a challenging environment and now I can truly say I'm a fast learning person.

  • It's fun

It's been so fun being a part of a class with people from 19 different nationalities and where 75 % of the class were women. I hope that this is the future - that women are as much part of the tech scene as men have been.

  • The right sector

I definitely feel like I'm in the right sector - now that I have the skill of coding, I feel like the possibilities are limitless, it's really only your creative mind that's the limit.

I would highly recommend Codaisseur to anyone interested in changing the course of their career.
  • The teachers

Extremely talented teachers who go above and beyond to help you understand each day. On top of a up-to-date curriculum, we finish the Bootcamp by having a Career Accelerator Week, with help from the very experienced Career Advisor Violeta - I definitely feel ready to go out in the "real world" now.

So anyone interested in a social, enthusiastic junior web developer with a "go-getter" mindset. Let's talk!

As a former pro athlete I thrive with a challenge and understand the value of good teamwork. Looking for a position in an innovative and inspiring tech environment.

For those that are women reading this, I would recommend following fellow tech gals @theavocoder and @herhelloworld on instagram. Young female software engineers inspiring and educating in all things tech. I would also recommend to read "Brave, not Perfect" by Reshma Saujani. Very interesting read by the founder of Girls Who Code.

If you're interested in Codaisseur or have any questions at all - let's connect on LinkedIn or send me an email:

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