A career switch from music production to web development: Lucas' story

The career transition from producing music to coding was seamless for Lucas.

10 months ago   •   2 min read

By Lisa Scorzon
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After our students graduate from our Full-Stack Web Development Academy, it's always inspiring to see them build their careers. We love hearing about their experiences making a career switch, training at our Academy and how their current job is going.

We're excited to share Lucas Pascholatti's story. From working as music producer, Lucas joined Codaisseur to pursue web development professionally. Read more about his experience below!

Please share a little about your education and work background.

Lucas: I have a Bachelor's degree in International Relations, with a specialization in Public Policies and a Master's in Global Communication. I am also a music producer, who has experimented with design.

What was your motivation to learn how to code?

Lucas: I always wanted to learn how to code since I was teenager, but never had the opportunity to do so. When working as a freelancer at a tech-company here in Amsterdam I decided to learn it by myself, out of curiosity. Due to how empowering it is to know how to code.

What inspired your decision to choose Codaisseur?

Lucas: Because Codaisseur has a short program with everything you need to find a job as a junior developer. Also, Codaisseur helps you find a job and negotiate the tuition fee with your employer.

What are some key learnings from the Academy that you’ll bring into your career (besides coding ;) )?

Lucas: To persevere through tough moments when you find it hard to learn new things. I basically had to teach myself how to learn something new and challenging such as coding.

How did you experience the job search period?

Lucas: It was really tough, but you are prepared to find a job, especially if you combine it with your past experiences.

What is your role now and at which company are you currently working?

Lucas: I have summed up being a developer with my past experience working with clients and ended up becoming a Technical Support Specialist. I am currently starting a new position at a company called Flowbox. But before, I was working for a Dutch solution for e-signatures called SignRequest. My goal is to be a Full-Stack Developer as a role.

What is it like to work as a developer now?

Lucas: It has been mostly solving customer technical support requests. I have been working with tickets that can be marked as either solved or pending. Some cases take weeks to solve. The good side is that now I'm pretty good at solving back-end related bugs.

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