6 Traits of a High-Potential Software Developer

Our Full-Stack web development course prepares students for a career as a junior web developer. To give you more insight into our admissions process, our education advisor explains six traits we look for in our candidates.

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By Elizabeth Edith
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At Codaisseur, we are extremely excited to help coding enthusiasts in their career-change journey. Our admissions team ensures a great candidate experience and selects the best and brightest talents for our Academy. Through this process, we also help our partner companies (our graduates’ future employers) find the best new talent by providing our partners with graduates that have everything it takes on a personal level and by teaching them the hard skills they need to perform as junior software developers.

To best prepare students for their careers, our coding academy evaluates applicants based on their overall hard and soft skills. Therefore, when candidates apply for our program, they’ll go through a competitive selection process. Here we’ll share some important values that we look for in our candidates:


The first trait that shows high potential as a developer is if a candidate is excited about coding. It’s nice to see the face of a candidate light up when they are talking about their interests and their passion. Candidates’ passion and excitement can motivate them to always do their best and demonstrate their maximum capabilities. They also need to be able to handle any obstacles that they will experience not only at our academy but more importantly, later as they grow in their career.

Interpersonal Skills and Problem-Solving

I believe that these two skills go hand in hand. Interpersonal skills here not only include communication skills but also the ability to listen actively and empathetically. The ability to interact with others successfully is one of the essential skills for the workforce, especially in the tech industry.

As our graduates need to solve a real-life problem with code, they need to have interpersonal skills to put themselves in others’ shoes in order to understand hurdles and generate innovative ideas to solve those problems.


Teamwork and the collaboration of employees are two of the key factors that determine the success of a company. However, not all employees are good at being a team player. We want to make sure that when disagreements arise, our graduates will hold themselves accountable and stay committed to their team. They are aware of their own role and how they can contribute to the team goals.


Leadership doesn’t always have to mean managing others. Being a great leader starts by leading yourself, which also means that you can take responsibility for your actions and strive to be the best version of yourself. Most of our graduates will start their career as a junior; thus, self-leadership is important. Furthermore, we will choose those with the ability to manage up, as they need to have good and effective working relationships with their future manager. As Harvard Business Review said, managing up pushes people to be the most effective employee they can be, creating value for their boss and the company.

Growth Mindset

Working in fast-moving industries, it is important to always keep up with the latest trends in technology. Independent developers with a growth mindset are willing to spend their time tinkering and staying on top of the latest technology trends. They are never satisfied and always looking for room to grow. We love to see candidates who can explain their projects and devote their time to them because they are motivated individuals who will keep continuously, independently developing their skills.

Persistence and Perseverance

Everyone experiences failure and setbacks in their journeys. We need to understand how candidates deal with difficulties and what they can learn from those situations. That’s why we ask the candidates to tell us about their experience in a challenging situation. By asking this question, we want to ensure that our candidates are resilient and handle setbacks as part of moving forward. They also need to put in their time and energy to push through difficult tasks, steep learning curves, and breakthrough internal and external blocks.

What are the results of this approach?

The result of this approach can be seen in our partners’ feedback. We’re continuously in contact with our partners and we build a network to understand their needs and how we can fill them. We have received feedback showing that our partners were impressed by our graduates’ enthusiasm and positive energy. In all the contacts with our graduates, our partners realized that they performed well in terms of both soft skills and tech skills. They showed an extreme passion for code and the drive to keep learning after the academy. They understand how they can step up their game and be ready to ace their first developer job.

In conclusion, for companies looking to grow quickly and effectively, hiring our graduates can offer value for both the short and long term. We provide job opportunities to our passionate graduates, while also helping businesses to successfully transform their approach to talent acquisition and deliver business growth faster. With a growth mindset, an eagerness to learn and develop, and also skills that are vital to helping companies succeed, there are a lot of good reasons why a graduate from Codaisseur is the perfect choice for your needs.

To learn more about our graduates and understand how we can help you find the right person for your team, visit our website here or schedule a call with us here.

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